Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tree

hope –noun
1. the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best

A picture I took in Costa Rica

When my Uncle was a young boy, around eight or nine years old, he came home one day with an average looking branch. My Nana asked what he was going to do with it, his plan, to plant it in the backyard and grow a tree. Well sure enough that branch did grow into a huge tree, big enough that the roots ended up causing some damage to the foundation years later.

Now is he just born with a green thumb, or was it a child’s hope that turned a branch into a tree?
I’ve decided to take on a project and turn an unused portion of my backyard into a summer oasis where I can do my work. So far all I have done is clean the garden area and already there are tulips and some other sort of plants flourishing.

Here’s to hoping that the green thumb is a genetic trait.

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Mwistar said...

If you find that you have a nack for planing trees, holla at me. I may have a plant that flourishes in your part of town. All about living green, no?

cindy adoms said...

Hola Chasing Distractions! I'm in Costa - small world - was that photo taken in the central valley? Down here, as I imagine you already know, one can take almost any plant or tree, cut a branch at an angle, stick in the ground, and shazam, you've got yourself a duplicate. Most properties have fence lines made up of what seems like twigs. However, by the end of rainy season, it's blown out "hedges". My yard is a constant surprise, as my gardener is ALWAYS sticking branches of something or another here and there (I'm not well off at all. In fact, I just spent my last colones paying the gardener, who is really just here as presence at the house so noone breaks in. These people not only have nothing, but they make nothing, so I feel it's my obligation to help someone while I'm here.) Something else really amazing they do here is "weave" strands of grass into the ground to create a lawn. One may wonder " Cheap chick, why don't you just get some sod?" Here that would be a waste; the workers would rather break their backs and feed their families for months than waste the money on grass. The tenacity of these people is unlike anything I've ever experienced!

Chasing Distractions said...

Mwistar, not sure if my green thumb will carry me that far, but I will let you know. Regardless, I hope to see you around these parts this summer.

Chasing Distractions said...

cindy, It is a small world (after all).
That photo was taken just outside of La Fortuna on the drive to Monteverde - not sure if you consider that the central valley or not.
So, what area of Costa Rica are you in? I was only there for 10 days or so, but really enjoyed it.