Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Chameleon

mul⋅ti⋅fac⋅et⋅ed –adjective
1. having many facets
2. having many aspects or phases
I am pretty sure no one I really know reads this blog (excluding the African Accent), in fact I am surprised anyone actually reads it, but I am once again feeling reflective and thought I would share my thoughts.

A chameleon has the ability to change colour and blend in with their surroundings. To use the word as a descriptive word for humans, I think a chameleon has the ability to blend in with their social surroundings. In short, taking on the personality that fits the moment.

I myself feel I have chameleon qualities. I am not going to get into the whats, whens, wheres and hows, but leave you with this – I feel for my fellow human beings, and will, if the need arises, adapt myself to the situation where a perceived outcome is attainable by said fellow human beings.

To make myself more understandable, if I feel you need some help to obtain a social goal, I will adapt a personification, which leads you to that goal. As every person is different, and is motivated in different ways, I am truly a chameleon in which I will become that personality that stimulates you into action.

So not to ruin the magic, if you know me personally, but my attitude may just be adjusted because I am helping you to achieve your goal. Don’t take my personality to heart, as I said, I am a chameleon and can wear many guises.
The true me, well I am not really sure who that is yet, but this blog helps to give me a little understanding into my own mind.

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