Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balloon Boy – Hoax or Tragedy?

hoax –noun
1. something intended to deceive or defraud

Earlier today I was made aware of a breaking news story via twitter with the hash tag balloonboy.

It appears that a 6-year old boy had climbed into a homemade weather balloon, where upon the tether was released and the balloon, with the supposed boy inside, rose into the air. For three hours Denver police, the National Guard and local media helicopters tried, to no avail, to rescue the boy. The balloon eventually landed safely without anyone on board:

As of this moment it is still not confirmed if the 6-year old boy, Falcon Heene, is safe, if the whole stunt was a hoax, or some horrible horrible tragedy. Hopefully everything turns out okay.

The Heene family, known for their chaotic parenting, were recently on television on ABC’s reality show Wife Swap. You can read more about the Heene family here, and check out Google News for updated information on the Balloon Boy.

Hoping he is safe, and without any sense of irony, I will leave you with the Heene Boys musical debut Not Pussified:

UPDATE: The boy was found, safe and sound, hiding in a box in the attic. For more information see the article in the National Post.

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1 comment:

Sam Kaufman said...

hoax or not, the balloon boy gave his parents a heck of a lot of publicity in return for minimal effort on their part