Thursday, October 1, 2009

Honest October

hon⋅es⋅ty –noun
1. the quality or fact of being honest
2. truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness

Sober September came and went without any problems. People are still a little unsure why I bother with my 30-days of abstaining from alcohol, I like to look at it as a bit of a cleanse, a nice little break for my liver and a personal challenge. Life can get boring pretty quickly without ever challenging yourself, testing your mettle as it were.

So in that respect for the 31 days of October I will not tell a lie – from a little white lie to a flat out big lie – they are all completely off limits. In honour of this challenge I have officially dubbed the month of October Honest October.

Trying not to lie for 31 days can be challenging for anyone, but especially for me. Like many of us I carry my fair share of secrets about my personal life. My professional life however is entirely based on lies, as a writer that is essentially my job, to lie to you. In order to make this challenge work I had to set up a few guidelines for myself:

1) Anything to do with work is exempted from the challenge.
2) If I am asked a direct question that would require lying to save a secret, well I have the option to just not answer the question.
3) I have only told 2 or 3 friends, and now anyone who reads this blog, about my challenge. This is a personal challenge to be honest, not a month of confessions.

Sober September, Honest October, I wonder what I should do for November? Any suggestions?

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