Friday, June 12, 2009

UPDATE: CBC Radio3 Goes 100% Canadian - Sorta

hy⋅poc⋅ri⋅sy –noun
1. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude
Today Steve Pratt, Music Director at CBC Radio3, anounced on the Radio3 Blog that they would stick with the current mix of the web radio station, which is 100% Canadian. Although this is good news, the people spoke and the powers that be listened, there is a few caveats when it comes to 100% Canadian. I'll let Steve explain further:

Why did we choose to only include Canadian music and artists in our rotation?
It's a long list, but here are three big reasons:
  • To many of you, CBC Radio 3 is synonymous with all-Canadian independent music already.

  • We believe this music format makes a huge impact for Canadian musicians.

  • In a world of musical offerings, 100% Canadian is distinct.
One tiny caveat:

We're celebrating, but we're not bigots.

A quick note to those among you who will call for our heads if there's even a shred of content that can't be deemed ‘100% Canadian:' while we will play 100% Canadian music in rotation day in, day out, we will also continue to reserve the right to play what some may consider 'non-Canadian' music when we feel it makes sense. For example we might:
  • Play bands that feature Canadians prominently, even though they don't technically qualify as ‘official Canadian Content,' like the new Buck 65 collaborative project, Bike For Three.

  • Play a cover! If a Canadian artist is covered or remixed by a non-Canadian artist and people are talking about it, we will feel very comfortable playing that song for you once or twice for context, as we recently did in our Remix Special Podcast.

  • Broadcast a non-Canadian band at a live event because they're on the same bill as several amazing Canadian acts, as we did two years ago at Pop Montreal.

  • Make an occasional exception: Our recent CBC Radio 3 Session with Neko Case, who is American, but is widely considered an ‘honourary Canadian.

  • 'Embrace an artist's choice, if a guest host or artist wants to play a favourite track or talk about influences.
Basically, our rule of thumb will be this: if it feels Canadian and if audiences consider it a relevant and essential part of the celebration, enjoyment, and discussion of Canadian music and culture, we're gonna play it. As Sloan put it, "if it feels good, do it." That's what 100% Canadian means to us.

So in other words CBC Radio3 Goes 100% Canadian - Sorta.

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