Monday, June 8, 2009

CBC Radio3 – 100% Canadian vs 85% Canadian

poll –noun
1.a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis

Due to the recent budget cuts in the media, the national broadcaster CBC has had to make hard decisions. Many programs have been reorganized, and some have been cut all together.

On the radio side of things, from my understanding anyway, the budget for recording live shows has now been amalgamated between CBC Radio3 and CBC Radio2. Furthermore the CBC Radio3 web radio station, which boasts 100% Canadian content, is now facing a change in their programming.

Radio3 currently runs two separate stations, one for the web and the second on Sirius radio. Again due to budget cuts CBC will merge the two stations into one on Monday, June 15th. The web station currently features a 100% Canadian mix, whereas the satellite feed is an 85% Canadian and 15% international mix. The question is which format do they go with?

Music Director Steve Pratt breaks down the respective arguments as follows:

For keeping the Sirius mix:
  • it will help draw in a bigger audience that will then be introduced to new Canadian acts

  • we can showcase the best of international music side-by-side with the best from Canada and show how we stack up

  • it better reflects what our audience might actually be listening to.
For keeping the Web Radio mix:
  • our 'brand' is very, very clear (100% Canadian)

  • every song works with full interactivity on the website (international artists do not have pages on New Music Canada, would not be available for inclusion in personal playlists, etc).

  • web radio supporters believe that as a public broadcaster, we should be playing as much Canadian music as possible.
In pure social media form, Radio3 included their listeners in the decision making process with a web poll which closed today at 5pm EST. While I was writing this post the results were just announced:

77% NO – Do not include international music into the mix
23% YES – Include international into the mix

Now it’s off to the powers that be to make their final decision. Either way, the people have spoken so let’s see if they will be heard.

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