Monday, March 30, 2009

Things I'm Not Going To Do

jinx –verb
1. to bring bad luck to; place a jinx on
2. to destroy the point of Without fail, whenever I mention something that I am planning to do in the near future, whether it is in the next few hours, days, weeks, months or even a year, it never comes to fruition.

I am becoming superstitious to a point where I no longer want to talk about any upcoming plans. Case in point, the last two weekends I mentioned my plans to someone, they fell apart. The only time things ever seem to happen is when the discussion occurs only with the group that is involved.

Here are some recent things that I have talked about doing, which if the trend is correct, should never come to fruition:
  • Apply for a yearlong holiday work visa for Australia

  • Volunteering for the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver

  • Going to Portland, Oregon for a two-week vacation

  • Visiting Iceland

  • Travelling around Newfoundland & Labrador this summer

Anytime something falls apart I become very despondent. It’s a feeling of never being able to win. As if some greater force wants to ruin anything I set out to do. But I think I have finally figured it out. The greater force only becomes informed when I start talking about my plans to people. So therefore, logically all I have to do is stop talking about my plans, and everything should fall into place.

Well I’m up early, so today I’m going to… oh wait a minute, nevermind.

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