Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things To Do Inside In The Winter

win⋅ter –noun
1. the cold season between autumn and spring in northern latitudes
I awoke the other morning to find that Autumn was gone and Winter was finally here. About four centimetres blanketed my yard, and I was not sure how to react. Do I rejoice at how clean everything looks, being blanketed by a layer of white? Do I get excited at the memories of flying down a mountain at 40 kilometres per hour? Or do I dread the next six months of being confined to the indoors?

As a bit of a recluse I already spend most of my days indoors, but the option to spend the day outside was always there. With winter temperatures hovering around 40 degrees below Celsius it will be much harder to persuade myself to go outside. In the advent that I end up succumbing to this mind trap, and keeping in mind my ever pursuit of Chasing Distractions, I developed a top four list of things to do indoors this winter.

(1) Finish Unfinished Projects
Everyone has an unfinished project, whether it is organizing pictures, editing a movie, painting a room, fixing a window, whatever it is - finish it.

(2) Watch MoviesYou can sit around and waste you life watching movies, or old television episodes. It is not very creative, but hey, it is an escape. Here is a good site to stream some free movies and television shows: SurftheChannel.com

(3) Learn to Cook/Bake
Learn a recipe and cook or bake something you never thought you could. AllRecipes.com has a cool function where you enter the ingredients that you have and it will provide a list recipes. You would be surprised what you can make with a fridge full of condiments and no food.

(4) Read/Write a Book
Books are amazing vehicles that can send you away from your surroundings and teleport you to destinations you never thought possible. Reading or writing a book, it all adds up to the same thing. Isaac Asimov is credited to writing and editing more than 500 books and when asked why, "Escape" was his only answer. I always thought Asimov had written the most books, but it turns out this guy takes the prize with over 200,000 books.

Of course there is always solitaire, or you can just 'suck-it-up' and go outside and play in the snow.

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