Friday, November 28, 2008

Relationship Addicts

be⋅tray⋅al –noun
1. the act of being unfaithful in guarding, or fulfilling: a trust.
2. the act of disappointing the hopes of; being disloyal to: one's friends.

Everyone has someone in their life. Everyone craves someone in their life. More often than not people seek out others to give them purpose. To befriend. To care for and pay attention to. It happens all the time and it is due to loneliness. What everyone is seeking is companionship. And the moment something better comes along, or the moment your usefulness as a companion starts to waver, you are brushed to the side. Your days as a temporary distraction are over.

Everyone has this friend. The moment they are in a relationship you never hear from them again. And the second they are out of it you get a phone call or an email asking how everything is going. You once again become their temporary distraction until something better comes along.

These relationship addicts.

People like me enjoy our independence. We have embraced our loneliness. Sure we crave contact and companionship, we are human after all, we just don’t require it to survive.

You see these relationship addicts going through their withdrawal. These addicts who cannot stand to be alone with themselves. These addicts who seek out companionship the way a junkie looks for their next fix. You become their crutch for a short period of time until they can get their hands on what they need. And then you never hear from them again. They are off enjoying their high. But because they have no control, because they cannot stand to be alone by themselves, the high does not last long. You see them start to come down. The arguments start. The fighting begins. The break-up ensues…

And then there they are again, looking for companionship.

Looking for you.

Looking for their temporary distraction.

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